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About Gina:
The year I turned 25 ,there were 5 major deaths in my life. One student, one friend and the beloved husband of another. That summer,there were two other unGodly losses. For the first time, I was staring my own mortality in the eye.

I felt I was losing time. I needed to come up with a way to work toward my goals and enjoy getting there.

I sat down to figure out when in life I was the happiest. The answer? ...Was dancing, And everything that goes with it. Including choreography, production, and directing. I also had a secret love...writing. How could I possibly develop a life that included all of those things? I decided to start with the most obvious, Dance. California was the place I had to be.

Fast Forward To: A foggy night on Nob Hill in a classic San Francisco studio apartment. I was blessed with 5 wildly talented dancers Anthony, C-oNe Tang,Norberto, René Castaneda and Bobi Greene. they became my support, my inspiration, my teachers, confidantes and my partners in crime. We bonded through our training and our mutual energy. We weren't happy with the options we had as dancers so we made our own. We threw ideas and names into a hat, voted and debated. The end result was PROJECT UNIVERSAL REFLECTION... Which we gave the acronym of PURe Dance Ensemble.

The plan was to do our own and mutual choreography. We would reach out to our own communities and book our own and mutual gigs. Each of us getting a chance to shine and learn the ins and outs of production. We felt that by putting our work on stage, with our different techniques, bodies and training, we could create mass healing.

We also knew that we would eventually grow apart. We planned that too. We were to return to our communities and build our own careers. Then, when the time was right, we would regroup and take things to the next level.

I returned to Michigan to develop a kids' company, (PURe Potential) clientele and a fan base.

Along the way, I got a bonus job of working with the Nation's First Synchronized Skating Team, the Hockettes, as their off ice dance director.

The journey continues.


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