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Our Story

PURe Dance Ensemble is the brainchild of Gina Danene Thompson, Anthony Rollins Mullens, Rene Castaneda, and C-one Tang.
One foggy evening in San Francisco in a studio apartment on Nob Hill, four passionate dancers came together to form the structure for a New Dance company. The goal was to fuse styles (ballet, African ballroom and Modern) cultures (Chinese Nicaraguan and Black American) communities and ideas. The dream was to unite. we put our ideas in a hat , negotiated and whittled down to the finest points our need to be heard and included in the dance community,  in the Arts at large and eventually the World.

Meet the Dancers

Gina Danene Thompson

Choreographer, Dance Instructor, Artistic Director

Anthony, C-oNe Tang, Norberto, René Castaneda and Bobi Greene.

Next Steps...

Call us at 810-545-8332 to schedule your first consultation, dance lesson or group lesson with Gina!