The Danene Method

The Danene Method is a method of training the body for athletic prowess, balance, and flexibility designed by Gina Danene.  After years of training anyone from elite athletes to stay at home moms, Gina has come up with a challenging - but foolproof - way of building the core with a combination of yoga, pilates, dance and plyometrics.

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Why Gina?

Gina Danene Thompson is an Ann Arbor Metro Area Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer, Writer, Director and Producer. Gina also counts yoga and pilates to her long list of expertise. See below for more information on Gina...

Gina Danene Thompson

Gina Danene's career is expansive and began in MI.

Gina Danene has taught at some of the top dance studios all over California and her career was unparalleled; however, she moved back to MI to bring her unique, top of the line choreography to her roots. She is the Artistic Director and Choreographer for her own Ann Arbor based dance company, PURe Dance Ensemble. PURe Dance Ensemble company members represent many of the elementary schools in A2, all high schools in A2, and students of the University of MI.

Gina grew up in Ann Arbor, attending Huron High School, joining their cheerleading team. Eventually, returning to become their cheerleading coach and choreographed their team movement.

Gina has taken the Ann Arbor Rec and Ed dance classes to high levels since they brought her on the team. She is the visionary behind the Ann Arbor Rec and Ed show, and behind taking their dance classes into several schools in Ann Arbor.

Gina Danene also trains the nationally ranked and award-winning Ann Arbor Hockettes. She is contracted to teach at the Ann Arbor School of Ice Dance, home to world competitive students, including four who, under her leadership, have been ranked nationally and internationally the last two years, consecutively. Gina Danene also trains the University of Michigan synchronizing skating team, the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club, and worked closely with USA Olympic ice dance team members Bates and Samuelson. In addition to her work as a choreographer and dance instructor, Gina is a mentor for her students.

Gina Danene's techniques include the Dunham technique, Graham and Horton based Modern, and Afro Haitian. She also teaches classical ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, and street funk. Gina Danene is also a certified exercise instructor for Pilates, yoga, and dance.

Media outlets are featuring Gina Danene as an expert on Dance, hip hop, the industry, pop culture, her students (as she has such a variety in age, size, shape, ethnicity.)

Specialized personal training, private and small group lessons, choreography for musical theater and concert dance, among a selection of other dance training and choreography services are available by contacting Gina directly at Gina at or 810-545-8332. Also contact Gina Danene to inquire about live Performances and Master Classes, given by PURe Dance Ensemble.

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Are you a beginner? Are you an Elite Dancer or Elite Athlete? Mom? Training for your season? Auditioning for a part? Gina Danene has the answer for you! Private lessons, individual, small and large group sessions available. Gina combines Dance, Pilates and Yoga make up the complete Danene Method Experience. Prices vary.

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