Gina Danene Thompson was raised in a family environment that focused on academic excellence and the Classical Arts.

Ms Thompson's mother was her first dance teacher and her father played in the Negro Baseball League. Ms. Thompson's father is an Engineering professor, a world champion Swimmer, and a jazz pianist. She has two siblings who are opera singers - one Soprano and one Bass. She has one sister who is a psychologist, and one who is a stay at home mom.

At home, Ms. Thompson and her siblings were always practicing instruments, putting together neighborhood plays, and running off for lessons and practice. That is where she learned my joy of learning through creative play. Later, this would become the basis for her teaching method and the basis for the culture of PURe Dance Ensemble and her kid's company PURe Potential.

Ms. Thompson did her classical performance training at City College of San Francisco. The basis for the Danene Method included Graham Technique, classical ballet, the Dunham Technique, jazz, hip hop, yoga and pilates.

Ms. Thompson also coaches elite athletic teams and is a tenured member of US Figure Skating. She has been a coach for the nation's first Synchronized Skating Team, The Hockettes, for 11 Years.

Ms. Thompson's passion is in the Arts in all its forms, including the science of Movement. Her motivation is her students in all their untapped glory. She says that the lessons they learn in the studio pale in comparison to the lessons she learns from them. Together, they come to a place of positive change in mind, body and spirit.