Breakfast at Gigi’s, Volume 3

the truth is its not always breakfast. Sometimes it’s brunch or lunch or coffee or Ciders at the Pub. I don’t want this blog to be just interesting chatter. In Celebration of Women’s Month I am throwing down the Gauntlet…Kidd gloves off. It’s time to give you a little bit of the realness

I set out to change my life this year, and I can’t pretend it was all aligned chakras and the highest version of myself.

The truth is putting Beau MONDE up three times in 9 months was the work of a crazy person ,..but I did it anyway. I had the help of the most amazing squad. The parents of my students showed me so much support and love all of the way through this process. I learned,…not only does it take a village, but that village is capable of ANYTHING WHEN DRIVEN BY LOVE, JOY, ART AND POSITIVE MOMENTUM.

The truth is I lost a lot of friends. I quit a job,…bills went unpaid. When the time finally comes to follow through on everything you’ve been working for its not that comfortable.It wasn’t all love. There was a a lot of questionable behaviour from adults. People I thought of as ultimately driven by their love of Art, were not. People I thought would always have my back told me I would never pull it off,..that I was living in a dream world. Maybe I was. But the dreams came true…SO many of the dreams came true. I am the most grateful that I learned how to focus in a way I previously did not know I was capable of. I focused on the positive. On the big picture. On the good I was trying to create. Conflicts were quietly kept, professionally carried out, and not allowed to affect that old theater adage of ..”the show must go on”

….and Go On it did…

In Beau Mondes February show I was so blessed to bring the most professional cast I could have ever asked for . The OGs (original Gangsters) from PURe Dance Ensemble Descended on Beau Monde on show week and completed the sacred circle. Every dancer showed up and showed out on so many levels! It was a little Utopian society for a long couple of weeks. There was such a buzz in the air. The most genuine smiles and laughter and fun. for me the most beautiful moments could spill out in so many ways,..but let me try to capture a few of them for you

we stand together, we hold hands, share energy, we are grateful, we pay homage to our ancestors and our Gods, and we pledge to give our truest self. It doesn’t get any better than that.

the MEALS :
HONESTLY, when dancers eat together there is a slowness…we are tired and We are sore. conversations overlap and are simultaneously low and loud. We are animated of course. our true selves reign because we have no choice based on fatigue. So we crack jokes and we talk shit,…cuz our filters have been left somewhere between putting on our sweats and and walking out of the theater. We trade videos and stories and
We order what our bodies need. We eat hearty. My favorite meals were Thai food with PURe ‘s founding members and HARD CORE DEROIT. 2nd place goes to pizza at the Wrap party. That scene is a bit ravenous. 🍕🍕🍕

frankly when you are in a show, there are a lot of backstage moments…unlikely alliances are formed. The person who helps you with your quick change, the totally out of context conversations,..the running gags, the side jokes and of course the selfies. My favorite were the entrances ,..glances thrown across stage, nods, smiles,winks,fingers snaps, giggles and on and on. It’s like an uncontrollable laugh that lasts the length of the show. Those moments will replay on my death bed .👉👈👏🙏👊

the finale was the moment when we showed the audience how it was done. Closing night was particularly amazing. Dancing for EACHOTHER and an audience is basically a dancers greatest possible Scenario. It was so amazing to be surrounded by everything you love.

in the end Beau Monde translates to a Fine World and a dancers world is a FINE World indeed. I have been blessed, I am just getting started and I am grateful. A lot of people added to this process. I could not begin to Thank you enough.

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