Breakfast at Gigi’s, Volume 5 – Brinner

Breakfast at Gigi’s, Volume 5


Breakfast for Dinner. ALL PEOPLE indulge in this societal oddity
White, Black, Arabic, Asian or Jewish, Go Blue, or Roll Tide. Among the things that seperate us? Brinner is not one of them.

We all love cereal at midnight, or waffles for desert or bacon on anything all day! (Even vegetarians are looking for the perfect ‘bacon’ ) (sigh!) …
Lets be honest ,A Cold slice of pizza on the way to class or work while dashing out the door in the morning Has saved many a person from starting the day off HaNGry

WE are spending so much time discussing the things that we don’t understand about each other, that we can’t remember the things that unite us. Music, dance, babies, water, …love…

If I smile at Bob, that smile can change the course of Bobs day. this simple act could then change the course of the day of every person Bob deals with. Multiply that by every person you see in a day And its a REVOLUTION.

over discussion is killing our humanity. Approach your neighbor with the things you have in common.

“There are so many levels to our different ways of being its a wonder that human beings can agree on anything.”
This is the lie we are telling ourselves.

This Year in addition to BEAU MONDE I am curating Michigan s first and only Ethnic Dance Festival. There are only a few festivals of this kind in all of the United States. The Mother of All Ethnic Dance Festivals originates in San Francisco, Americas Melting Pot.

… Remember when we used to do Square dancing in elementary school?..👭👬👫👇💃💃💃….but, did you ever learn to dubKe or Cumbia? Did you know that each of our cultures have regional and historical dances? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see it ALL on stage? TOGETHER??!!. (Folkloric)( German, Greek, Irish….)and in those moments would your perception of ‘other’ be changed?

the message is short and sweet. Smile at Bob, come to the table. Bring your individual ethnicity as part of the recipe. SEPT 21 and 22. RIVERSIDE ARTS CENTER. Stay Tuned. #ethnicdancefestival #agame #themenuispoppin#ypsireal #riversideartscenter #puredanceesemble #beaumonde
LOVE and Blessings

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