Fall 2018 Dance with Gina
MONDAY *Creative Dancer 4:15pm (First Steps Ann Arbor)
TUESDAY Kidz Jazz 5:30pm Hip Hop 6:30pm (Riverside Arts Ypsilanti)
THURSDAY Kidz Hip Hop 6:00pm (Riverside Arts Ypsilanti)
SATURDAY *Dance Together (parent & child) 9:00am *Creative Dancer 9:50am (First Steps Ann Arbor)
SUNDAY 1:00pm-3:00pm…Company Rehearsal. Join us for the Complete PURe Dance Ensemble Experience at the beautiful Riverside Arts Center.

Gina’s high energy classes teach rhythm, coordination and balance through age-appropriate movements set to fun, upbeat music. Dancers develop muscle memory and have lots of fun. This learning style is great for anyone.

Fee: $150* Drop in fee: $14. Family Discounts available: $25 discount.



Gina also offers Private Classes, Small Group Lessons, Choreographed Wedding Dances, Workshops, Auditions, Bookings, Master Classes, Tour Dates, Jazz, Hip Hop, Yoga and Pilates.


Gina Danene Thompson has trained the nationally ranked and award-winning Ann Arbor Hockettes, the nation’s first Synchronized Skating Teams, for 11 years. She is contracted to teach at the Ann Arbor School of Ice Dance, home to world competitive students, including four who, under her leadership, have been ranked nationally and internationally the last two years, consecutively. Gina Danene also trains the University of Michigan synchronizing skating team, the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club, and worked closely with USA Olympic ice dance team members Bates and Samuelson.


In addition to her work as a choreographer and dance instructor, Gina is a mentor for her students.

Call us at: 810-545-8332