Beau Monde 2019 was a huge success! We were so proud to be a part of Black History Month, sharing stories, culture and love in our community.

Beau Monde 2019 (POSTER) v4


During last year's oscars Meryl Streep said "take your broken heart and make art" and this has been our battle cry for BEAU MONDE...the show is designed to bring joy and a pocket of escape from our new reality. It would mean everything to us to be able to give that to people everywhere. It is a gift that we are driven to give. Gina's personal goal is to give healing experiences in Large Group Form, Through Art Theater and Dance.


Past Projects

ethnic dance final poster 2018


MOVEahead Detroit

Summer 2017 I was asked to collaborate with Move Communications on a production video designed around movement. I was able to fill the role of asst. director/choreographer, dancer, and booking agent for the dancers. I was so excited to be able to book the dancers from my company PURe Dance Ensemble and Kidz Company PURe Potential. As a bonus many of the parents and families of the dancers served as extras! Including mine!

Watch the final product and making of video HERE.

Beau Monde

Writer, Director, and Choreographer GINA Danene Thompson for BEAU MONDE and rejoice through a journey through black movement in America. WITNESS the best of the best Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor, YPSILANTI Area has to offer in Entertainment. featuring PURe Dance Ensemble, PURe Potential, Maxi Chanel, Kappa Alpha Psi (Eastern Michigan) , GEECHI Crüe and many many more. GUARANTEED TO RAISE YOUR SPIRITS OPEN YOUR HEARTS AND UNITE THE COMMUNITY!